Text known to Bach (Weimar 1713):

An Wasserflüssen Babylon/
da sassen wir mit Schmertzen;
Als wir gedachten an Zion/
da weinten wir von Herzen.
Wir hiengen auf mit schwerem Muth
die Harffen und die Orgeln gut/
an ihre Bäum der Weiden/
die drinnen sind in ihrem Land/
da musten wir viel Schmach und Schand
täglich von ihnen leiden.


By the waters of Babylon
we sat in sorrow:
when we thought about Zion
we wept from the heart.
We hung up with heavy spirits
the harps and organs safely,
on the willow trees
which are in their land.
There much disgrace and shame
we had to suffer from them daily.

Melody and text: Wolfgang Dachstein (c.1487-1553) – Strassburg 1525

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The setting of chorale 101 was commissioned by the Lithuanian Composers’ Union and composed by Jonas Jurkūnas. Volume 4 was published in 2017 by Edition Peters. Copies may still be available via their website. The Orgelbüchlein Project plans to publish a revised Volume 4 in due course.

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Composed by Jonas Jurkūnas and played by Colm Carey at the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London. The recording was made in partnership with the European Commission representation in the UK.