Text known to Bach (Weimar 1713):

Ach Gott/ erhör mein Seuffzen und Wehklagen/
laß mich in keiner Noth nicht gar verzagen/
du weist mein Schmertz/ erkennst mein Hertz/
hast du mirs aufgelegt/ so hilff mirs tragen.


O God, hear my sighs and lamentations;
let me not give up hope in my distress.
You perceive my pain, know my heart;
help me carry what you have lain on me.

Melody: Frankfurt am Main 1662, with secular antecedent pre-1630
Text: Jacob Peter Schechs (1607-59)

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The setting of chorale 105 was commissioned by the Orgelbüchlein Project and written by Christian von Blohn.

An alternative setting was commissioned by the Czech Centre, London and composed by Pavel Zemek Novák. We hope to publish this as part of Orgelbüchlein Extended.

Volume 4 was published in 2017 by Edition Peters. Copies may still be available via their website. The Orgelbüchlein Project plans to publish a revised Volume 4 in due course.

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This is a recording of an alternative setting composed by Pavel Zemek Novák (which we hope to publish this as part of Orgelbüchlein Extended) and played by Colm Carey at the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London. The recording was made in partnership with the European Commission representation in the UK.