I long only for you, Lord, only for you, Lord Jesus Christ, while I live here in this world on earth. I believe only in you, Lord, only in you, Lord Jesus Christ, hoping for sure heaven will be mine, which you have gained with your blood. You died on the cross for my sake. O Lamb of God, hear my heartfelt supplication; my eyes are turned to heaven. Comfort me with your spirit, O Lord God. Help me in my distress at my departing and may you protect my soul. Because in death and also in life I have surrendered myself to you, O Lord Jesu Christ, take my soul in your hands, take it into your hands. Amen

Melody: Leipzig 1571 (Ammerbach) – contrafactum of Si pur ti guardo, Venice 1551
Text: ? 1568 Nikolaus Selnecker (1530-92), here from Weimar 1713

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The setting of chorale 30 was commissioned by the Orgelbüchlein Project and composed by Kjell Mørk Karlsen. It will be part of our printed Volume 1, due for publication in late 2023.

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