Text known to Bach (Weimar 1713):

O wir armen Sünder! Unsre Missethat/
darinn wir empfangen und gebohren sind/
hat gebracht uns alle in solche grosse Noth/
daß wir unterworffen sind dem ewgen Tod/
Kyrie Eleison/ Christe Eleison/ Kyrie Eleison.
(Vopelius’s underlay)


O, we poor sinners! Our iniquity,
into which we are conceived and born,
has brought us all into such great trouble
that we are subjected to eternal death.
Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.

Melody: Adapted (from Nuremberg 1527?) by Lucas Lossius (1508-82) – Wittenberg 1561
Text: 1542, Hermann Bonnus, alias Bonn (1504-48) – Magdeburg 1543 (14th-century precedent)

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