Text known to Bach (Weimar 1713):

Von Gott will ich nicht lassen/
denn er lässt nicht von mir/
führt mich auf rechter Strassen/
da ich sonst irret sehr/
reichet mir seine Hand/
den Abend als den Morgen/
thut er mich wohl versorgen,
sey/ wo ich woll/ im Land.


I will never let go of God,
for he does not let go of me;
he leads me on the right path,
for otherwise I would badly stray.
He stretches out his hand to me,
in the evening as in the morning,
he well provides for me,
wherever I may be in the land.

Melody: Erfurt 1571/72, contrafactum of Einmal ging ich spazieren, after the Italian folksong, La Monica
Text: Ludwig Helmbold (1532-98)

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Composed by Stephen Hough and played by William Whitehead at the organ of Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, London